U4IoT (User Engagement for Large Scale Pilots in the Internet of Things)

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U4IoT combines complementary RRI-SSH expertise encompassing social and economic sciences, communication, crowdsourcing, living labs, co-creative workshops, meetups, and personal data protection to actively engage end-users and citizens in the large-scale pilots. End-user and societal acceptance is critical to the success of the IoT large-scale pilots.

U4IoT develops a toolkit for LSPs end-user engagement and adoption, including online resources, privacy-compliant crowdsourcing tools, guidelines and an innovative privacy game for personal data protection risk assessment and awareness, online training modules.

The partners provide direct support to mobilize end-user engagement with co-creative workshops and meetups, trainings, Living Labs support, and an online pool of experts to address LSPs specific questions.

U4IoT enables a citizen-driven process by combining multidisciplinary expertise and complementary mechanisms from the European state-of-the-art.

The project analyses societal, ethical and ecological issues and adoption barriers related to the pilots with end-users and make recommendations for tackling IoT adoption barriers, including educational needs and sustainability models for LSPs and future IoT pilots’ deployment in Europe.

The activities are supporting communication, knowledge sharing and dissemination with an online portal and interactive knowledge base gathering the lessons learned, FAQ, tools, solutions and end-user feedbacks.

U4IoT encompasses the whole lifecycle of end-user engagement in LSPs. This means that support for end-user engagement from the early stages of need-finding, co-creative design, real world implementations and tests, and exploitation and assessment will be offered. Privacy-friendly crowdsourcing and survey tools enable to monitor the end-user perception and acceptance of IoT applications.

U4IoT Website