STARTS IoT Co-Creation Workshops

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The STARTS IoT Co-Creation Workshops are methods to innovate the processes of creation of values of the IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Projects (LSPs). Engagement of the full range of stakeholders of the LSPs - ranging from the promoter, the European Commission (EC), to end beneficiaries, also including partners of the LSPs, Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs), startups and artists - makes of the Science, Technology and the Arts (STARTS) initiative of the Digital Single Market (DSM) the overarching principle of those methods.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the origin of a new era of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) where consumers are no longer just users. They are key active agents of innovation in the creation of new IoT specific processes, products and services. They are, for sure, assemblers and beta-testers of combinations of of-the-shelf solutions made available by the LSPs, potentially transforming themselves from consumers into producers - prosumers. In this process of transformation, they might even become entrepreneurs and create their own businesses as providers of new services built upon the IoT platforms being implemented by the LSPs.
The notion of co-creation of values is based on the notion of value creation. Creation is, in its original sense, an artistic act. Therefore, values co-creation expands both the concepts of value creation and co-creation towards wider, holistic and more inclusive approaches to social and economical development in the European Union (EU), contributing for the creation of jobs and growth.
The STARTS Co-Creation Method - applied in the STARTS IoT Co-Creation Workshops - is more than just a managerial tool. Because of its artistic origin, the STARTS Co-Creation Method is an on-the-ground action. It is inspired on the notion of artistic intervention and it goes beyond citizens engagement as implemented in the U4IoT complimentary project of the IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme. Besides the concrete on-the-ground integration of all relevant stakeholders of specific LSPs use-cases, the STARTS IoT Co-Creation Workshops put forward the plural of value in order to highlight the importance of not (or not yet) capitalized immaterial values. The STARTS IoT Cluster aggregates a group of artists contributing to the STARTS IoT Co-Creation Workshops. The role of artists is to create artistic contexts stimulating the creative participation of all stakeholders, including themselves, in the processes of creation of values of the LSPs.


The STARTS IoT Co-Creation Workshops are methods integrating artistic practices in the specific context of the LSPs. The plurality of methods derives from the several possible combinations of STARTS IoT Modules of Action. Those methods and their correspondent modules are specifically designed to be employed in the context of the LSPs use-cases. They are not mere theoretical abstractions. They are concrete and to be applied in the specific areas of innovation of the IoT LSPs initiative: food and farming, healthy aging, public mass events, self-driven vehicles and smart cities. Furthermore, the methods aim to concretely and in practice promote the cross fertilization between those IoT LSPs fields of action as well as to nurture innovative business driven technical applications that might emerge from specific combinations of those fields.
The STARTS IoT Modules of Action result from the wide experience of the partners of CreateIoT dedicated to develop and implement the STARTS IoT Co-Creation Workshops. Future Everything, Blue Specs, IDATE and Artshare are the partners in CreateIoT that have been closely collaborating in this field.
The STARTS IoT Methods are fully adaptable and therefore resulting from specific combinations of STARTS IoT Modules of Action according to the specificities, not only of each one of the LSPs they are tailored for, but of each of the particular LSPs use cases.