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Towards the creation of exemplary case studies, the LSPs IoF2020, ACTIVAGE and SYNCHRONICITY will be approached in order to realise artistic lead co-creation hackathons as a support to some of the use cases of those pilots. The aim of these hackathons is to artistically enhance the context of those use cases and stimulate creativity of all participants. The concrete target is to better understand the role of artists in pushing for innovative approaches either in the technology in question or its applications. Impact on up-take, adoption and acceptance will also be observed, as well the potential of new businesses built on top of the technologies made available by the LSPs in study. At the moment, the use cases that are being considered for action are part of IoF2020: image/

• Added-value weeding data This use-case collects location-specific camera data to provide insights on the number of vegetables growing on the field, the plants’ growth status and best harvesting moment, weed prevalence, nutrient shortages and drought stress. From an artistic point of view, it is interesting to understand how agriculture is becoming less anthropocenic.