MONICA (Management Of Networked IoT Wearables – Very Large Scale Demonstration of Cultural Societal)

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MONICA is a large-scale demonstration of how cities can use existing and new IoT solutions to meet sound, noise and security challenges at big open-air cultural and sports events, which attract and affect many people. Innovations include the establishment of sound zones at outdoor concerts for noise mitigation as well as security measures improving crowd information and management.

Several sound, security and user experience applications are deployed at large events in six European cities, involving more than 100,000 application users in total. The applications are based on the use of IoT-enabled devices such as smart wristbands, video cameras, loudspeakers, smart glasses, airships and smartphones.

The applications offer enhanced monitoring and management of sound levels and crowds as well as value-added functionality for customers, crowds and citizens. To support the applications, MONICA deploys a cloud-based IoT platform, wirelessly connecting and handling the devices, whether fixed, worn or moved around.

As a first mover, MONICA will demonstrate how it is possible to securely operate a very dense cloud of different IoT-enabled devices and networks with a low probability of interference.

Six pilot sites will demonstrate the technology solutions at concerts, festivals, sports events and city happenings, which attract millions of people. Each of the sites will choose a number of relevant applications that they wish to deploy.

Whereas some cities emphasise optimal concert sound and enhanced noise control, and others security and service, all pilots will actively involve their end users, engaging more than 10,000 people in the evaluation process.

Central to the project is the involvement of multiple stakeholders in the design, deployment and evaluation of the applications.

Additionally, several innovation tools are made available in terms of open data, development kits, entrepreneurship packages and business models.

MONICA Website