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The project

Mapocci is an interactive toy, designed to promote emotional communication in children from 3 to 7 years old. Thanks to a system of sensors and emotional intelligence software, Mapocci recognizes the care it receives from the user and reacts accordingly. Each Mapocci has its own personality and preferences that make its reactions to caresses and movements unique and expressed through its own language. At the same time, a 3G Internet system allows two Mapoccis to connect with each other, facilitating the remote exchange of emotional messages and allowing physical interactions with one of the toys to be reflected in the behaviour of the other and vice versa. Through touch and gestures, Mapocci can transmit emotional content between people who are not in the same place. The intention is for this social robot to be the intermediary that facilitates a greater degree of presence and empathy in the remote connections. The proposal of multimedia artists Laura Malinverni and Lilia Villafuerte seeks to provide new forms of communication capable of generating networks of empathy between children from different places.

The creators

Laura Malinverni is an artist and researcher in the fields of art, technology, education and Human Computer Interaction. She holds a BSc in Fine Arts, a MSc in Cognitive Sciences and a PhD in Information and Communication Technologies. She currently works as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Barcelona and as a freelance UX Researcher. For four years she worked in the management and development of cultural projects with the association She has 8 years of experience as a teacher and facilitator of workshops, working mainly from the perspective of the processes of collective creation and participatory design. She has received different awards and scholarships for artistic creation (BaumannLab, Next Thing, Milano in Digitale, Conca) and her works have been exhibited in several international events and exhibitions such as Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium and Peru. [ ]

Lilia Villafuerte is a digital artist, creator and researcher in "Human Computer Interaction" (HCI). Her works have been exhibited in Spain, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Peru, England and the United States. Since 2005 she has worked as a consultant specializing in new technologies for global brands, NGOs, governments, startups and R & D laboratories. As a researcher and creator of emerging technologies, she is part of the expert database of the European Commission (Horizon 2020). He currently lives in London where he works in the fields Blockchain, Fintech, AI and Data Science applied to consumer interfaces. [ ]