IoF2020 (Internet of Food and Farm 2020)

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IoF2020 is dedicated to accelerating the uptake of IoT technologies in the European farming and food chains and ultimately strengthening their competitiveness and sustainability. How? By demonstrating, together with end-users, the use of IoT in 19 use-cases spread throughout Europe, and focusing on 5 areas: dairy, meat, arable crops, fruits and vegetables.

The project builds on and leverages the ecosystem of previous key projects (e.g. FIWARE, IoT-A) to foster the end-user acceptance and adoption of IoT Solutions in agriculture. At the heart of the project, 19 use cases distributed in 5 trials: Arable, Dairy, Fruit, Vegetables and Meat.

Under each trial, IoT integrators will make the business case for innovative IoT solutions applied to a large number of areas. A lean multi-actor approach focusing on user acceptance, stakeholder engagement and the development of sustainable business models will boost technology and market readiness levels and push end-user adoption to the next stage.

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