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1. A HANDBOOK TO THE IOT LARGE-SCALE PILOTS PROGRAMME IoT LSP handbook contains the reference terminology facilitating cross fertilisation among all the Large-Scale Pilots (LSPs) calls, to ensure the use of a common terminology in addressing the technical (protocols, formats, APIs, etc.) and non-technical (business models, testing and validation methodologies, regulatory framework, etc.) issues. This is implemented offline and will be transfer online (i.e. web platform for exchange/community building) during the next phase.

The IoT LSP handbook aims at disseminating knowledge about IoT terminology among the IoT European Large-Scale Pilot Programme projects and IoT stakeholders at large, and at providing easy access to a large range of technical and non-technical IoT. The document is a reference work, including a collection of terms, that is intended to provide ready reference in the field of IoT technologies and applications. The document is designed to be easily consulted and provide quick answers in the IoT area. The IoT LSP handbook addresses will be expanded and revised during the lifetime of the IoT European Large-Scale Pilot Programme.