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Case Study: Every Thing, Every Time

By: 'Naho Matsuda’

KGibson ETET website highres-920x613.jpeg

Photograph credit: Kevin Gibson (2018)

Video of Every Thing Every Time at The Great Exhibition of the North

Description of Work

Naho’s artwork interacts with data from across the city provided by sensors from the Urban Observatory at Newcastle University and the buildings across the city centre. As Newcastle and Gateshead citizens pass through the city a poem is generated about their interactions in realtime, made anonymous and then displayed on a mechanical display outside the Theatre Royal in the city centre of Newcastle upon Tyne.

This version of EVERY THING EVERY TIME was shown outside the Theatre Royal, Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne from June 22nd to September 9th as part of the Great Exhibition of the North.

Artist Statement

“every thing every time is a piece of real-time digital writing, which is drawing from the many ‘things’ and ‘events’ and changes of ‘status’ that are constantly happening in Manchester,” says artist Naho Matsuda. “In every thing every time I have turned these data streams into narratives formatted as poems, that are stripped from their location information and any data transmitting purpose. Smart information becomes impractical poetry.”

"Come on a tour of Newcastle, told through the fascinating stories of the people who live and work there. Meet a local designer, an acclaimed musician and a mathematical cosmologist… to name just a few! In this podcast, Naho and Peter speak with eight very different specialists about their work and their thoughts on the city as a place of innovation, creativity and community."

SoundCloud Podcast


""Every Thing Every Time"" consists of a


Sharing data in this way, encouraging emotional engagement through visualisation of the city's own data, has significant implications around how smart city infrastructure can work with citizens to enhance urban life.

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