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= European IoT national Strategies =
== Austria ==
The digital transformation and the IoT and Services have a huge impact in the society and economy, in the life and work of each person.
*[[Austria]]; [[Belgium]]; [[Bulgaria]]; [[Croatia]]; [[Cyprus]]; [[Czech Republic]]; [[Denmark]]; [[Estonia]]; [[Finland]]; [[France]]<br>
*[[Germany]]; [[Greece]]; [[Hungary]]; [[Ireland]]; [[Italy]]; [[Latvia]]; [[Lithuania]]; [[Luxembourg]]; [[Malta]]; [[Netherlands]]<br>
IoT Austria - The Austrian Internet of Things Network is a platform, where people, companies and institutions can meet for sharing their knowledge, experiences, technologies, contacts and resources and could start collaborations in order to bring forward the Internet of Things and Services and the Open Concepts spirit (Open Collaboration, Open Organization, Open Knowledge, Open Access, Open Data, Open Source, etc.) in Europe.
*[[Poland]]; [[Portugal]]; [[Romania]]; [[Slovakia]]; [[Slovenia]]; [[Spain]]; [[Sweden]]; [[United Kingdom]]; [[Norway]]; [[Iceland]]<br>
*[[Switzerland]]; [[Liechtenstein]]; [[Faroe Islands]]; [[Israel]]; [[Albania]]; [[Bosnia and Herzegovina]]; [[FYR Macedonia]]; [[Moldova]];[[Montenegro]];<br>
Above all stands the conscious and responsible use of technology based on ethical values for the benefit of humans. IoT Austria is based on volunteering work and is not-for-profit - all the events are for public access and free of charge for any visitors Error: Reference source not found. IoT Austria sees in the open source technology for the Internet of Things the decisive basis for future developments. In addition, the organisations aim for the "democratization" of technology, through free access and free use of knowledge, indispensable to the society and the common good as well as the economic development in Europe. IoT Austria takes actively part in open source hardware and software projects and supports the open source projects.
*[[Serbia]]; [[Turkey]];

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