AUTOPILOT (AUTOmated driving Progressed by Internet Of Things)

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AUTOPILOT will develop an IoT connected vehicle platform and IoT architecture based on the existing and forthcoming standards, as well as open source and vendor solutions. The IoT ecosystem will accommodate vehicles, road infrastructure and connected IoT objects, with particular attention to safety critical aspects of automated driving.

There is little doubt that automated vehicles will be part of the IoT revolution. Indeed, connectivity and IoT have the capacity for disruptive impacts on highly and fully automated driving along all value chains towards a global vision of Smart Anything Everywhere.

In order to stay competitive, the European automotive industry is investing in connected and automated driving, with cars becoming moving “objects” in an IoT ecosystem and eventually participating in Big Data for Mobility.

AUTOPILOT brings IoT into the automotive world to transform connected vehicles into highly and fully automated vehicles. AUTOPILOT will develop a range of services combining autonomous driving and IoT, such as car sharing, autonomous valet parking, and better digital maps for autonomous vehicles.

AUTOPILOT IoT-enabled autonomous driving services will be tested in real conditions at large-scale pilot sites in the Netherlands, Italy, France, Finland, Spain and South Korea.

The test results will allow multicriteria evaluations (technical, user, business, legal) of the IoT impact on advancing the level of autonomous driving.