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The Internet of Things is a natural evolution of IT technologies by connecting basic objects to the network. The IoT in Slovakia is only in its beginnings, appearing mainly in the manufacturing plants of foreign companies and individual parts have their own internet address and it is possible to monitor their entire manufacturing cycle [49].

IBM Slovakia opened an IoT workplace in Košice. It will develop cognitive solutions by using the functionalities of the IBM Watson platform, a cognitive computer system that replicates the human ability to answer questions. Watson enables fast processing and analysing of data, resulting in more effective team decisions.

The IBM centre in Košice provides solutions that improve the effectiveness of creating products and services. In addition, they are sought out by clients who want to provide additional value to their customers in the form of optimal interaction that does not trouble the end consumer.

Volkswagen has a tradition of interactive solutions in manufacturing known as Industry 4.0. This refers to the automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, using cloud computing and connecting the individual objects via the IoT. Currently, the IoT is used mainly in the automotive industry, but it can be used in any industry and in any manufacturing sphere.