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The Open Prototyping Process Model V2.0 (Figure 14a) is a graphical representation of the Open Prototyping process. It supplies a scaffold and a tool for intermediary organisations, to design, deliver and evaluate ICT and Art collaborations.

Two distinct dimensions in a ICT and Art collaboration are represented by two concentric lines. These are research, analysis and dissemination in the Scope and Interpret stages, and interdisciplinary collaboration, creative experimentation, and the production and display of the work in the Connect, Play, Produce and Display stages.

The stages in the Open Prototyping process can also be grouped into two distinctive sets of activities that work towards different types of value for the IoT pilot.

The first is the capacity for Scoping and Experimentation (green box) that is achieved in the first three stages. The second is the value in public presentation of an artwork, and the interpretation of outcomes that open prototyping delivers for a technology/city partner (orange box).

Each stage has associated deliverables: Associated deliverables.png

Table 1 gives an outline description of each of the stages, including information relating to the activities undertaken and the deliverables that are produced at each stage.

Description of the Open Prototyping methodology stages.png