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Luxembourg has undertaken an ambitious economic diversification strategy in respect of the digital sector [86]. The strategy for the digital sector is multidimensional, embracing education, economy, public services, and grouped under an umbrella initiative named "Digital Luxembourg" [105]. One of Luxembourg's strongest side is the IT infrastructure. Digital Luxembourg facilitate collaboration like regular meetings for players to discuss current needs and work on new opportunities for the ecosystem. The players receive regular updates on the government's broadband strategy, and topics like 5G pilot projects or blockchain developments are also addressed. The key objectives regarding the infrastructure are [105]:

  • Keep players updated on the government's ultra-high-speed broadband strategy.
  • Discuss innovative technologies and their potential for the local ecosystem.
  • Identify new areas of infrastructure development for the country.

The key objectives regarding digital innovation ecosystem are [105]:

  • Facilitate start-up creation and access to funding.
  • Bridge the gap between innovation, research and the economy.
  • Create physical space for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Maximize the contribution of the digital economy to growth by encouraging multi-stakeholder co-operation.

Digital public services to achieve better service to the citizens involves multiply the channels via which citizens can interact with the government, providing easy-to-use and efficient digital services, simplifying procedures and the use of electronic signatures, and fostering transparency and innovation by making public data available and encouraging its reuse [105]. Investment in IT security to ensure highest security standards of the government's IT systems.