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In 2017 Liechtenstein (and 31 other countries) signed a declaration (The Tallinn Declaration) on eGovernment jointly drawn up by the EU and EFTA [109]. The declaration is intended to create a common basis for the national and international digitalization of administration. The declaration on eGovernment contains five core principles and is intended to be a guide to advance the international digitalization of administration. The declaration is in line with Liechtenstein’s efforts to strengthen digital services in the country's administration, and states that service processes in administration should be conducted digitally as far as possible and be available to all. The data entry for citizens and companies should only have to be carried out once. In addition, efforts should be made for IT systems to be compatible nationally and internationally. A new central platform for digital innovation and networking for Liechtenstein are under construction [111].

In 2015 the Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) Group presented a growth strategy, called the StepUp2020 strategy [110]. The LLB Group intends to embark on a new phase of corporate development and actively advance innovation while also defining its financial targets for 2020.The strategy, encompasses the four elements of growth, profitability, innovation and excellence. In terms of innovation, the LLB Group will invest around CHF 100 million by the end of 2020 into innovation and infrastructure projects as well as pioneering digital solutions.