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According to "Europe's Digital Progress Report (EDPR) 2017 Country Profile" [86], the shares of fast broadband subscriptions are increasing and the delivery of public services improving in Latvia. The businesses are exploiting the technology in a limited way.

The Latvian "Information Society Development Guidelines 2014 - 2020" define an overall goal [101]: "To provide an opportunity for everyone to use the possibilities offered by ICT, to develop an knowledge-based economy and to improve the overall quality of life by contributing to the national competitiveness, and increasing an economic growth and job creation". Seven action directions for the policy planning period 2014-2020 are proposed [101]:

  • ICT education and e-skills.
  • Widely available access to the internet.
  • Advanced and effective public administration.
  • E-services and digital content for public.
  • Cross-border cooperation for Digital Single Market.
  • ICT research and innovation.
  • Trust and security.