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Through several initiatives, Denmark is supporting the IoT activities and actively addressing the current challenges with digital transition and shared digital standards, while also discussing questions on pilots, public data, architecture and more.

National IoT Standardisation

The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial affairs requested Danish Standards to produce a roadmap to be used by Danish companies in their digital transition. The document "Roadmap on standards for Internet of Things (IoT)" explains the needs and challenges of Danish companies, as well as the need for standardisation, or information regarding existing standardisation, from an industry perspective.

Three IoT engagement themes were the focus of Danish Standards. These themes are expected to play a key role in creating future profits and increased export:

  • Automation and robotics
  • Smart farming/agriculture
  • Smart city

As part of the mapping, several challenges and recommendations were noted within three main areas. Solutions to these challenges must be found in order for Danish companies to fully profit from the use of IoT-solutions. The areas are:

  • Interoperability and reference architectures.
  • Information security and privacy.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises' challenges.

A primary recommendation by Danish Standards is to actively participate in the work surrounding IoT standardisation in ISO/IEC with a focus on IoT, Smart city and information security. (ISO/IEC JTC1, Joint Technical Committee Information Technology WG 10 IoT, WG 11 Smart City and SC 27 IT Security Technology).

Forum for IoT and Standardization Committee

Denmark has established a “Forum for IoT” which is financed by the Danish Business Authority. The forum has 75 members and high numbers of attendance (50+) at each meeting. One important aspect of the forum is to communicate knowledge on new standards to Danish companies and organizations.

Recently, a new standardization committee was established for IoT DS/S-840 IoT following the work in the international committee IEC ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 41: Internet of Things and related technologies.

Industry Partnership for Advanced Production

As part of the governments' strategic work towards economic growth in Denmark (Danmark i vækst) it is a priority to follow the developments of Industrialisation 4.0 [73]. To support the digital and technological transition of the Danish production companies, the government has created the Industry Partnership for Advanced Production initiative (Erhvervspartnerskabet) [74]. Their mission, in the next 4 years, is to communicate knowledge about new production technologies and their implementation, while giving further support to the transition through multiple open calls with a total amount of 42 Million. DKK.