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Case Study: Song of Soil

Previously known by the working title of Ode from the Dirt
By: 'Kasia Molga’ with Scanner

Kasia Soil.png

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Description of Work

“ODE from the DIRT” is a selection of audio/visual devices/sculptures created by Kasia Molga in collaboration with sound artist Robin Rimbaud “Scanner”. The data that comes from the soil and from the satellites will inform the artwork. Various parameters such as moisture, pH, presence of specific organisms or minerals are the main actors in this piece. These factors are translated and interpreted by machine learning algorithms which make decisions about the animation of lights and the composition of the soundscape.

The visual element are be made out of light components (such as lasers, LED lights or OLED screens) and will directly interact with the sound, while responding to incoming data. The soundscape will be compiled with precomposed audio elements - each element assigned to specific data parameter.

“ODE from the DIRT” can be exhibited as one device - creating a “solo” performance, or a number of sculptures - creating an “orchestra” or a “rave party”. Ideally it will be displayed in urban environments to create a show about lands under the buildings and roads or nearby farms. But it also can be a beacon of singing soil in any environment wherever the soil is present.

Artist Statement

Kasia Molga is a Design Fusionist, Artist and Creative Technologist, working on the intersection of art / science / engineering using imagination as unifying vehicle. She examines our - human - perception of “nature” in the constantly growing and increasingly technologically mediated urban environments and creates tangible, multi-sensory and visual experiences, immersive environments, installations and hybrid visual/physical interfaces, design fictions or speculative futures narratives. She is a co-founder of design lab Electronudes and art collective WorldWilderLab. She lectures, publishes and presents regularly and holds MA in Interdisciplinary Design Studies (Central Saint Martin College of Arts and Design).




Grow Observatory: Our vision is to support the emergence of a movement of citizens generating, sharing and using information on growing and the land.

This can lead to more sustainable land use practices, better soil and land governance and policy, and a unique data repository for science. Through this, people gain a voice on local issues and tailored advice on which new crops to plant, when to water, sow and harvest. In turn, their insight will underpin better-informed decision­-making and policy objectives, while improving soil, land use, climate change adaptation and our overall sustainability.

GROW is realising this vision by enabling citizens to measure land and soil parameters at high spatial resolution over large geographical areas, using the internet and mobile technologies combined with widely available consumer sensors and a simple soil test.

Growers of all scales can contribute data, shape their own missions, and take part in citizen science experiments.

An obvious connection can also be made to IoF2020_(Internet_of_Food_and_Farm_2020)